Phase 4: Application Submittal

Assemble the required application materials for your project and submit them to the Planning Division to be reviewed for completeness.

Your Progress

Now that you have a better understanding of your project site, as well as the regulations that affect them, you can begin to assemble the required materials for your permit application.

Application Submittal Requirements

The County has developed a comprehensive application for all discretionary land use permits. To obtain a copy of the discretionary permit application, click here. Specific submittal requirements are outlined in the discretionary permit application form and vary depending on the proposed project and the type of permit it requires.

In addition to the discretionary permit application, you can also learn more about the various permit entitlements and their submittal requirements by reviewing the Forms page of the Planning Division’s One-Stop website. Click here to access the Planning Division’s Forms page.

Applications may be submitted by appointment at the Planning Counter. All required materials must be submitted as part of a single submission. Partial submissions will result in the return of your application packet.

Fee Schedule

To determine the potential costs that may accrue during County review of your application, click on the department fee schedules for those departments/divisions or districts that will be reviewing your discretionary permit by using the departmental links in the above navigation "County One-Stop Departments".  In general, an hourly rate is charged based on actual staff time spent on the application.

HELPFUL TIP: Before submitting a permit application, please make sure that you have no code enforcement violations and/or outstanding fees that have not been paid. The Planning Division cannot accept a new discretionary permit application if there are existing structures or uses on the proposed project site that violate the County’s zoning and land use regulations (unless the new application will abate all violations) or when fees for earlier applications have not been paid.

After you submit your application, County staff begins the application review process. To learn more about the application review process, click on the “Phase 5” link.

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